Dataset Number760
Dataset TitleJetties
CustodianData Authority: Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Data Provider: Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure


DescriptionTextual data contains the coordinates of Jetty locations in South Australia. Also contains a brief history of the jetty (for example, jetty length, date of construction) including maintenance responsibility information.
UsageUsed as a guide to the location of Jetties in South Australia. Also includes url link to photographs of jetties

Data Quality

LineageCoordinates of the Jetties were sourced using GPS and aerial mapping. Some sites were captured from information on map based products to a scale of 1:50,000 but these locations have been improved over time.
CompletenessDataset is reasonably complete for the South Australian coastline. Over 90% complete.
Positional AccuracyAccurate to approximately +/-15 metres.

Geographic Extent

Extent NameCoastal SA
Min Easting or Longitude129
Min Northing or Latitude-38
Max Easting or Longitude141
Max Northing or Latitude-31

Dataset Status

Initially Acquired01-JAN-1990
Last Updated06-APR-2011
Update FrequencyIrregular
Maintenance MethodDataset will be updated where required using GPS coordinates or new aerial photography to determine sites.
No restrictions - subject to license agreement. Require acknowledgement of data source, ownership of digital data is not transferred and digital data is not to be supplied to any third party.
AusGOALCC BY (Attribution)


TableNameField AliasData TypeDescription
JettiesLABEL textJetty Label
JettiesHTML textLink to html page containing photograph of jetty and further information on jetty construction date, length, extension and refurbishment projects, as well as maintenance contact details.
JettiesLAT textLatitude of Jetty Location
JettiesLNG textLongitude of Jetty Location

Contact Information

OrganisationDepartment of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
TSD Road Asset Management Section
Postal Address