Bridge Structures

Dataset Number1845
Dataset TitleBridge Structures
CustodianData Authority: Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Data Provider: Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure


DescriptionBridge Structures contains all State maintained bridges and culverts residing on the Oracle Bridge Information System (BIS). BIS records bridges and culverts which have design drawings residing in DPTI files.
UsageUsed to locate any bridge or culvert of significance (Bridge or Culvert with span(s) greater than 1.8 metres). Also used to evaluate structure suitability from a strength perspective.

Data Quality

LineageData base from which the derived spatial data set is compiled from design drawings by DPTI.
Positional AccuracyCo-ordinated from desk top capture using aerial photography and or Road alignments as described on the design drawings, within the urban areas are generally +/- 5 metres. Rural areas +/- 25 metres and the pastoral areas +/- 125 metres.

Geographic Extent

Extent NameSouth Australia
Min Easting or Longitude129
Min Northing or Latitude-38.25
Max Easting or Longitude141
Max Northing or Latitude-26

Dataset Status

Initially AcquiredUnknown
Last UpdatedUnknown
Update FrequencyAs required
Maintenance MethodCreated from design or as constructed drawings.
LicenseingCC BY (Attribution)


TableNameField AliasData TypeDescription
Attribute TablePLAN_NO Long IntegerUnique identifier / Asset Number as defined by DPTI
Attribute TableREGION textDPTI administrative boundaries (supersets of the State Government Regions)
Attribute TableLGA short integerLocal Government Association (LGA), council area in which the structure is located ie LGA number, as defined by Road Centreline System (Oracle Tables).
Attribute TableROAD_NO textUnique identifier as defined by DPTI for roads which DPTI are responsible for maintaining or may have in the past, as well roads which may be of interest to DPTI. NCRN coded for roads which have no Road Number
Attribute TableSIDE textNOT Maintained Carriageway/Side for the designated section of road
Attribute TableRRD DoubleDriven length (road running distance) in kilometres from the start of the road to the structure. NB All roads have a designated start, end and direction
Attribute TableVERT_CLEARANCE_UNDER Floating PointVertical Clearance Under the structure in metres
Attribute TableROAD_NAME textRoad Name
Attribute TableROAD_SECTION textSection of road aiding in defining the location of the structure.
Attribute TableLOCATION_COMMENT textDescription locating the structure, to be read in conjunction with ROAD_SECTION
Attribute TableROAD_NUMBER_UNDER textThe road number (ROAD_NO) of the road under the structure
Attribute TableROAD_NAME_UNDER textThe name of the road under the structure
Attribute TableSTRUCTURE_NAME textOfficial name for the Structure
Attribute TableGENERAL_COMMENT textGeneral Comment / description
Attribute TableSTRUCTURE_LOAD_LIMIT textStructure load limit in tonnes.
Attribute TableSPEED_LIMIT textSpeed limit restriction over the structure if imposed
Attribute TableOVERALL_WIDTH Floating PointOverall Width of the structure in metres
Attribute TableCV_VOLUME DoubleAnnual average daily number of Commercial Vehicle travelling over the structure, expressed as vehicles per day
Attribute TableSTRUCTURE_LENGTH Floating PointLength of the structure in metres
Attribute TableNUMBER_SPANS short integerNumber of Spans
Attribute TableMAXIMUM_SPAN Floating PointMaximum span length in metres
Attribute TableMINIMUM_SPAN Floating PointMinimum span length in metres
Attribute TableHORIZ_CLEARANCE_ON Floating PointHorizontal Clearance On the Structure in metres
Attribute TableHORIZ_CLEARANCE_UNDER Floating PointHorizontal Clearance Under the Structure in metres
Attribute TableKERB_TO_KERB_WIDTH Floating PointKerb to Kerb Width of the structure in metres
Attribute TableSTRUCTURE_TYPE textStructure Type Code 00 Other 01 Bridge 02 Culvert 03 Concrete Pipe 04 Armco Culvert 05 Combination Bridge & Culvert 06 Combination Bridge & Concrete Pipe 07 Combination Bridge & Armco 08 Combination Bridge & Footbridge 09 Footbridge 10 Combination Culvert & Concrete Pipe 11 Combination Culvert & Armco Culvert 12 Combination Concrete Pipe & Armco Culvert 16 Open Culvert / Drain 19 Combination Culvert, Armco Culvert & Concrete Pipe 20 HDPE Pipe 24 Arch 25 Arch & Culvert 26 Arch & Bridge 27 Arch & Concrete Pipe 32 Jetty & Bridge 33 Causeway
Attribute TableSTRUCTURE_CLASS textStructure overall class B Bridge C Culvert
Attribute TableMAINTENANCE textMaintenance Responsibility for the structure 000 DPTI 004 Design, Construct & Maintain 005 Bypassed - Not Maintained 888 DPTI (bypassed)

Contact Information

OrganisationDepartment of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Safety and Service Division
Postal AddressGPO Box 1533