Bushfire Management Areas

Dataset Number2372
Dataset TitleBushfire Management Areas
CustodianData Authority: Country Fire Service (CFS)
Data Provider: Country Fire Service (CFS)


DescriptionBushfire Management Areas are administrative boundaries that capture the whole state. Each Bushfire Management Area has a Bushfire Management Committee which makes decisions on bushfire prevention within their area. The Bushfire Management Areas are based on similar topography and land use and wherever possible to align to other government boundaries.
UsageTo be used as administrative boundaries for bushfire management planning and mapping.

Data Quality

LineageThe Bushfire Management Areas were determined by the State Bushfire Coordination Committee (SBCC) in consultation with key stakeholders. This is as determined by the Fire and Emergency Services Act (2005). The boundaries are broadly based on NRM boundaries and Local Government Areas. The Adelaide Metropolitan Area (area not officially gazetted) has been incorporated into the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges Bushfire Management Area, while awaiting the determination of the Designated Urban Bushfire Risk Area (DUBRA).
CompletenessDataset is complete
Positional AccuracySpatial accuracy varies within the layer. Coastline accuracy varies from +/- 25 metres to +/= 100 metres.

Geographic Extent

Extent NameSouth Australia
Min Easting or Longitude129
Min Northing or Latitude-38.25
Max Easting or Longitude141
Max Northing or Latitude-26

Dataset Status

Initially Acquired2010
Last Updated07 March 2018
Update FrequencyAs required
Maintenance MethodBushfire Management Areas are updated as determined by the Fire and Emergency Services Act (2005).
AusGOALCC BY (Attribution)


TableNameField AliasData TypeDescription
Bushfire Management AreasAREA_NUMBERAREA_NUMBERNumberNumerical value assigned to each Bushfire Management Area
Bushfire Management AreasAREA_NAMEAREA_NAMEtextUnique name for each Bushfire Management Area
Bushfire Management AreasDATE_CREATEDDATE_CREATEDDateDate the data was created
Bushfire Management AreasDATE_EDITEDDATE_EDITEDDateDate the data was last edited

Contact Information

OrganisationCountry Fire Service (CFS)
Postal AddressBOX 2468

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