Bushfire Safer Places

Dataset Number2204
Dataset TitleBushfire Safer Places
CustodianData Authority: Country Fire Service (CFS)
Data Provider: Country Fire Service (CFS)


DescriptionA Bushfire Safer Place is a place of relative safety. It may be used as a place for people to stay in or as a place of first resort for those who have decided they will leave high risk locations early on a high fire risk day. Properties on the outskirts of such locations generally face a higher level of risk when compared with those nearer the center of the designated area. The relative safety of these properties can be improved by property owners undertaking appropriate bushfire safety works to ensure they don't place themselves and the greater community at risk.
UsageFor the identification of the spatial extent of Bushfire Safer Places. The dataset is used in various SACFS Web Mapping Applications to identify areas of relative safety during a bushfire.

Data Quality

LineageBushfire Safer Places are assessed using AS 3959 - Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas and the Radiant Heat Flux calculation tool from Newcastle Bushfire Consulting. The assessment of a Bushfire Safer Place takes into account vegetation type, site slope, vegetation slope, public safety issues and access. During an assessment, consultation may occur with relevant Local Councils, sporting or community groups, Government Departments, private landholders or groups and CFS (local and Region). Post field and in-office assessments, a recommendation report is generated for the relevant Bushfire Management Committee (BMC). The BMC must formally either endorse or reject the recommendation report. If endorsed, the Bushfire Safer Place spatial dataset is derived from the assessment details and snapped to the digital cadastre.
CompletenessComplete for all 52 local council areas that currently have Bushfire Safer Places in their area. However, this is a dynamic dataset that may expand over time.
Positional AccuracySame as DCDB. Boundaries are verified and checked by CFS in collaboration with the BMCs.

Geographic Extent

Extent NameSouth Australia
Min Easting or Longitude129
Min Northing or Latitude-38.25
Max Easting or Longitude141
Max Northing or Latitude-26

Dataset Status

Initially Acquired2011
Last Updated09 AUG 2018
Update FrequencyAs required
Maintenance MethodSame as initial capture. New Bushfire Safer Places or expansions of already existing Bushfire Safer Places can be elected to be assessed through the relevant Bushfire Management Committee.
AusGOALCC BY-NC-ND (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives)


TableNameField AliasData TypeDescription
Bushfire_Safer_PlacesBSPBUSHFIRE_SAFER_PLACECharacterName of Bushfire Safer Place (usually township or suburb name)
Bushfire_Safer_PlacesFDIFIRE_DANGER_INDEXIntegerAssumed McArthur's Fire Danger Index. 120 for the Forest Fire Danger Index (FFDI) and 170 for the Grass Fire Danger Index (GFDI)
Bushfire_Safer_PlacesFBDFIRE_BAN_DISTRICTCharacterFire Ban District
Bushfire_Safer_PlacesBMABUSHFIRE_MANGEMENT_AREACharacterBushfire Management Area
Bushfire_Safer_PlacesCOUNCILCOUNCILCharacterLocal Council
Bushfire_Safer_PlacesAPPROVAL_DATEAPPROVAL_DATEIntegerApproval date of the Bushfire Safer Place by the relevant Bushfire Management Committee
Bushfire_Safer_PlacesAMENDED_DATEAMENDED_DATEIntegerApproval date of an amendment to the Bushfire Safer Place by the relevant Bushfire Management Committee

Contact Information

OrganisationCountry Fire Service (CFS)
Postal AddressBOX 2468

SA 5001